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  • 1  Person w/ private boat. One dive $190 USD        Two dives 250 USD
  •  2  People  w/ private boat $165 USD P.P               Two dives $190 USD P.P
  • 3  People or more w/private boat $150 USD P.P      Two dives $170 USD P.P. 

  Price includes:

  •  Private Boat
  • Private Instructor
  • Full Diving  Equipment
  • Free Pictures
  • Purified water and snacks.


  • 1  Person w/ shared boat. One dive $140 USD        Two dives $150 USD
  • 2  People w/ shared boat $120 USD P.P                 Two dives $130 USD P.P.
  • 3  People to  6  w/shared boat $110 USD P.P.         Two dives  $120 USD P.P

  Price includes:

  •  Private Instructor,
  • Shared boat,
  • Full Diving Equipment,
  • Free Pictures,
  • Purified water and snacks. 

 About Playa Del Carmen

  • You're going to love Playa del Carmen… everyone does.
  • It's a beautiful, quiet vacation paradise 45 minutes up the coast from the crowded and overgrown Cancun, in Mexico.
  • Playa del Carmen is known mainly for white sand beaches, turquoise waters, great food and a laid back vibe. Not too long ago it was a fishing village, that has become the #1 destination in Mexico.



  • The famous 5th avenue is a pedestrian walkway that runs through town and is lined with shops, restaurants, bars and palm trees with twinkly lights.
  • Right off the coast, you will find the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the second longest coral reef in the world. It is a wonderland for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.
  • Don't forget the fascinating Mayan archaeological sites of Tulum, Koba and Chichin itza.
  • The people and the culture are sure to intrigue you.