Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen

  • 1  Person w/ private boat. One dive $190 USD         Two dives 250 USD
  • 2  People w/ private boat #165 USD P.P Two dives $190 USD P.P
  • 3  People or more w/private boat #150 USD           Two dives  $170 USD P.P.


   Price includes:

  • Private boat
  • Private Instructor
  • full diving  equipment
  • Free pictures
  • Pictures, purified water and snacks.
  • 1  Person w/ shared boat. One dive $140 USD        Two dives 150 USD
  • 2   People w/ shared boat  $120 USD P.P               Two dives  $130 USD P.P.
  • 3  People to 6  w/shared boat  $110 USD P.P.         Two dives  $120 USD P.P


   Price includes:

  •  Private instructor
  • Shared boat
  • Full diving equipment
  • Free pictures
  • Purified water and snacks. 



  • The infamous lady bull sharks of Playa del Carmen create a world class shark dive.
  • From November to March hundreds of female bull sharks arrive in Playa del Carmen.
  • The season usually kicks off in late November and ends in early March.
  • This is without a doubt a must do in your life time.

About BullSharks


  • Most sharks have the same salt concentration in the blood as the sea water they are swimming in. This isn’t the case with Bull Sharks. Instead, they only have 50% of the salt concentration in their blood.
  • This makes them very special as they are able to switch from saltwater to freshwater very easily. The only consequence is they produce 20 times more urine when swimming in fresh water After about 10 years, they reach maturity.
  • Adults are normally about 3.5 meters (11) longand weigh approximately 300 kilograms (660pounds). Typically, females are  larger than and generally live longer.
  • Most males live for about 13 years, while females live about 17 years of age.




  • These special hunters are migrants. They are found in many various areas including Oceans, rivers, and even some fresh water lakes!
  • They tend to stay in warm and moderately deep waters around 30 to 150 meters (150 to 500ft) deep.
  • It seems the Bull Shark favors the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.
  • Some of their favorite rivers include the Brisbane River, Amazon River, Ganges River, Barhamputra River, Potomac River and the Mississippi River.
  • They have been spotted several hundred miles upstream in these rivers, but typically stay within 100 miles of the Ocean.
  • No attacks on humans have ever been recorded in these rivers. 
  • They are in fresh water lakes, too! It’s not too uncommon to see them in Lake Nicaragua and Lake Ponchartrain, just to name a couple.
  • But if there is easy access from a river and the lake is deep enough (about 30 meters or 150 feet), they’ll check it out and maybe even make themselves at home for a while.